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Worldwide trade of high quality commodities from Turkmenistan by profitable prices, the cheapest quotes for logistics solutions, the best consulting services from high-qualified specialists.

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The economic company "Halkara Hyzmat", translated as "International Services", is a company founded by young professionals in the field of trade and transportation of petrochemical goods from Turkmenistan to the countries of the near abroad and Europe. Despite the fact that the company is still young, we can boast of our specialists, who have extensive and long-term experiences in these fields. That is why we can offer you a big range consulting service as well.

Our goal is to interact and attract foreign clients / investors to the export-rich Turkmenistan market. The main activity of the company is assistance (consulting) in the purchase of goods produced in Turkmenistan (registration of foreign companies on the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan, execution of the necessary client documentation, participation in tenders on behalf of the client, purchase of goods in the client’s name, clearance of customs documentation) and transport services to the client’s destination. Thus, the main activities of our company are divided into three parts: trade, logistics and consulting services.

Turkmenistan is a strategically important country for trade in petrochemical goods at the expense of its rich gas fields. Turkmenistan is one of the leading countries in Central Asia in the production and export of mineral fertilizers, such as urea, sulfur, ammonia and potassium.

The complete list of goods of Turkmen origin ready to be exported can be found on the official website of the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan.

Our services

We deliver the best quality of service and our clients are fully satisfied to work with us.

International trade

The first part of the services consists in providing the Clients with the necessary goods of Turkmenistan origin. We help foreign customers to buy and the State producers to sell.

Logistics solutions

The second and quite important part of our services is logistics. Everyone knows that the key point in doing business in the field of trade is transportation, or rather logistics.

Consulting services

The third and last part - consulting services. We come to help you, when there are difficult obstacles and unsolvable tasks in the fields of trade, logistics and financing.

Road Transportation

Road transportation is the most common type of transportation of goods in Turkmenistan, as well as in whole World. It combines a high-speed of delivery and a relatively competitive price.

Rail Transportation

Rail transportation is one of the safest types of transportation. This type of transportation allows to transport any type of cargo in a large quantities and volumes. We offer our clients railway services.

Sea Transportation

Sea transportation helps where the ideal logistics route runs through the sea or ocean. There are cases where goods shipment in large volumes from point A to point B is more expedient by sea.

Our Products

We can assist you in obtaining high quality commodities directly from the Government producers of Turkmenistan

Granular Urea

Granular Urea

Urea is the most concentrated Nitrogen fertilizer. It contains Nitrogen in amide form, which in soil converts first into ammonium and then into nitrate forms. It is easily soluble in water. Using anti-caking agents ensures its free flowing during storing.

We can assist you in obtaining the Urea from one of three urea plants in Turkmenistan belonging to the State Concern "Turkmenhimiya": Tejenkarbamid; Marykarbamid; Garabogazkarbamid.

Granular Sulfur

In Turkmenistan, the State Concern "Turkmengas" year by year increases its volume of produced and exported chemical products. One of the main of its direction is granular sulfur. Granular sulfur has various uses in the Industry, whether as a raw material, as an intermediate product or as an additive used to catalyse certain reactions.

We can assist you in obtaining the Granular Sulfur from the State Concern "Turkmengas" of Turkmenistan.

Granular Sulfur
Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic "addition polymer" made from the combination of propylene monomers. It is used in a variety of applications to include packaging for consumer products, plastic parts for various industries.

Turkmenistan began the production and the sale of polypropylene (PP) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) from a new gas chemical complex in the village of Kiyanly (Balkan region, Turkmenistan).

Polyethylene (PE)

Polyethylene (PE) is a light, versatile synthetic resin made from the polymerization of ethylene. It is the most widely used plastic in the world, being made into products ranging from clear food wrap and shopping bags to detergent bottles and automobile fuel tanks. It can also be slit or spun into synthetic fibres or modified to take on the elastic properties of a rubber.

Turkmenistan began the production and the sale of polypropylene (PE) along with polypropylene (PP) from a new gas chemical complex in the village of Kiyanly.

Polyethylene (PE)
Portland Cement-500

Portland Cement-500

Portland cement 500 it is an excellent building material generally used for its excellent binding properties giving strength to structural elements. Cement is stronger under compressive load. Portland cement is used either in the form of cement mortar or cement concrete.

Production Association "Turkmencement" own four major cement producing plants, they are Jebel Cement Factory, in Balkan (Turkmenistan); Baharly Cement Factory, in Ahal (Turkmenistan); Kelete Cement Factory, in Ahal (Turkmenistan); Garlyk Cement Factory, in Lebap (Turkmenistan).

Tehnical iodine

Iodine is well-known for the iodo-starch reaction under which a blue color develops and, as a nutrient, contained in various seaweeds. Since iodine is an element, it can not be obtained through a chemical synthesis and there being no other way to produce it than to extract from the natural resources containing it, we can say that iodine is valuable material.

At present, iodine production in Turkmenistan is carried out at the Hazar chemical plant, Balkanabat and Bereket iodine plants located in the Balkan region of Turkmenistan. The raw material base of these plants are the deposits of Nebitdag-Monjukly, Boyadag, Cheleken and manifestations of iodine Seitkerdery.

Tehnical iodine
Diesel fuel

Diesel fuel

Diesel fuel is a petrochemical product used as fuel in special diesel engines. This type of fuel, which is obtained during the process of distillation of oil from kerosene-gas oil fractions. Diesel fuel is a viscous and hardly volatile liquid, which consists mainly of carbon. You may found other elements such as hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur and nitrogen in its structure.

The company Halkara Hyzmat delivers diesel fuel (hydrotreated) L-02-62 grades at affordable prices directly from manufacturers of Turkmenistan. Alternatively, supplies from alternative producers from neighboring countries are also possible.