We deliver the best quality of service and our clients are fully satisfied to work with us.
The main activities of our company consists of three parts:

International trade


The first part of the services consists in providing the Clients with the necessary goods of Turkmen origin. Despite the fact that our company is not a producer or manufacturer of goods, we help both: foreign customers to buy and the State producers to sell. You can always see the full list of goods of Turkmen origin, which are tendered on the official website of the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan.

Logistics solutions


The second and quite important part of our services is logistics. Everyone knows that the key point in doing business in the field of trade is transportation, or rather logistics. We have a large and long-term experience of our transport experts, gathered together. Our company consists of several departments of logistics and transportation, each responsible for a specific type of transportation.

Consulting services


The third and last part - consulting services. We come to help you, when there are difficult obstacles and unsolvable tasks in the field of trade and logistics on the way of your successful business. Our team of experienced professionals will be happy assisting you to solve the difficult tasks arising from these or other circumstances. At the core of our business is a focus on exploring the issue and your needs.